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Their business reached hysterics from both parties, before shouts and exile from a lesson.Only, what did not reach, so it good results at children.However, experiment cannot be considered completely finished.Painfully quickly in Kitezh such teachers appeared in vacuum and left a community at own will.There was a teacher, the man, not skilled, but very meticulous not to tell boring which politely, with methodicalness of the car put the two and expelled from a lesson of those who did not prepare homework.

But such

Some of these belief have no real bases at all, are not closed with real laws of the world nature in any way.The basis of world outlook installations is primitive to despair it is necessary to be responsible for a market therefore live quietly.But such simple installation cannot also be shaken, despite its wildness.People believed earlier that the earth flat, but after all lived somehow, solved problems … At that level of existence for which Mischa prepares, all suitcase of his delusions will not prevent its normal existence within that society at all, whose image it carries in the consciousness.

Show to children

But we can always replace one mood with another to make our life happier.Place in front of the mirror the dark paper symbolizing negative thought.Then move away her and place in front of the mirror light paper which designates positive thought.Ask children to prompt you examples of positive thoughts.Show to children that will occur if we only half remove from ourselves our unfortunate thoughts and also only half we will approach positive thoughts to a mirror.Bring a half of a dark leaf and a half of the light to a mirror.

Mother had to take

I for some reason am absolutely sure of it.Chapter THE MIRACLE CAME TRUE!not thought up stories about childbirth As we for the first time gave birth I arrived to maternity hospital with mother on the father.That is the father, having escaped from work for hour or so, took us and unloaded at a main entrance without fifteen three.Mother had to take away my things in case I remain to give birth.Dima on maternity hospital, naturally, knew about my attack and was morally ready to that can cause it from work to the giving birth wife.

In the daily

Lesh did not moderate the activity.And though new business went uphill and any more did not demand to itself every second attention, my friend did not consider necessary to stay at home with the wife or to walk in park.In the daily schedule it in general a little that changed.Again offenses and reproaches began.Vika did not feel his care, and she so wanted it.Considered Lesh that all her reproaches are only whims of the pregnant woman that she demands from him impossible.

I think, my parents

And many, including me, consider that sometimes divorce is the cleverest decision for an unhappy married couple.And still though we can understand the objective reasons of divorce, it does not mean that we easily transfer it when business concerns ourselves.Many if not the majority, teenagers with whom I communicated, consider that parents do not understand their problems and fears.I think, my parents are going to divorce, but I am not sure.Every time when I try to talk to them about their quarrels, they always speak to me that I did not worry because it has no relation to me.

But, it is possible

The doctor has less time, and often to it happens very difficult to collect reliable information about motive violations of the child and his opportunities.In such situation most difficultly it is necessary parents after all recommendations of different experts can disperse considerably, and all of them are obligatory to execution.But, it is possible to object, similar happens only in the bad rehabilitation centers.It is possible that only in bad, but after all it is well known that than more simply the system of the help to the person having any problems is organized and the it is less in it than hierarchical structures, the more effectively it works.

That the chair

This problem, as well as many others, it is best of all to be engaged from early age because then frustration of a chair will gain constant character.That the chair was soft, the child should drink much, and depletion of intestines is promoted by the products rich with cellulose.It is possible to support a chair regularity by means of laxative candles.One of possible problems which meets at children heavy violations, is that they do not feel desires to depletion of intestines.

I wanted

The young personality has to or turn voluntary herself in the robot or conduct continuous internal dispute with the father.For example: I throw not everything, I gave up tennis because I was pushed violently there.I wanted to be engaged in karate, and you wrote down me in basketball.I began to try soft drugs because I was eaten by melancholy and fear after your withdrawal from a family.To put it briefly, the son much that could answer the father.But the adult simply will not hear as does not assume that such it is possible.

Anyway, during

And it is not caused by smoking at all.For the second time I was accused of a drug taking when one morning I felt unhealthy and tired and decided to buy a ginseng drink small bottle.Whether it helps?Or it is one of food additives?I do not know, but it is not forbidden by the law and is on sale in all shops of healthy food.Anyway, during the day the label from it came unstuck.Next day mother rose against me after found a small bottle among my dirty linen.

It is over, you are capable

Whether but much you know families where kept such trust and clarity of the relations?The lack of time, ordinary cares do not allow adults to penetrate into childrens problems thoroughly.I with high probability can assume that you, reading these lines, are not able to talk hearttoheart to the child.It is over, you are capable to formulate teams which to it are offered to be executed.Some of these teams can be dressed in a form of the best regards or are disguised under requests of the loving parents.


Providing conditions for accumulation of speech experience by each child.Creation of conditions for favorable emotional health and development of abilities of children.Formation of awareness by each child of the identity and necessity.Implementation of effective continuity in work of the speech pathologist and tutor when carrying out individual work with children.The following principles are the cornerstone of this work.Gradual complication of the program content of occupations in each section of the program.

; d On a chair, on a floor, by car You sit on a chair? Tell: On a chair

; d On a chair, on a floor, by car You sit on a chair?Tell: On a chair Where you sit?; e Sleep, Katya; sit down, Lyalya; carry, Lyalya Tell Lyale e Katya, sleep; Lyalya, stand; Lyalya, go Tell Katya g Katya sleeps, Lyalya costs, Vova sits Katya sleeps?What does Katya do, sleeps?What does Katya do?h Go, the pussycat the pussycat goes Tell the pussycat Chto the pussycat does?Chto is done by the pussycat?i I eat, I play, I sing That you do?Tell to I sing the doggie sings, I go the doggie goes That you do?

On it is put. meeting

It is known

Emotions which she, undoubtedly, tested, were not reflected in her face, even when she for the first time in life got to the room filled with toys.Life taught her to avoid the traps placed by adults, and manifestation of emotions does the person vulnerable.It is known by any scout.Adults, apparently, accustomed Anita to it.Being embodied in an image of mother, Anita bathed a doll in a bathroom, and then specially forgot it in cold water or locked in a toilet of a doll lodge.

Can will

Masha S.years, lovely smiling I small, silent, do not touch!was Nothing.can will carry by, and will ask somebody else.Volodya S.years, having filled with deliberately confident look, a childrens bass Everything is normal even without reflecting that want from it.Masha P What there were opening, understanding today?Who made a feat, something understood in himself or world around?Well, Larisa, you that keep mum?Larisa K.


According to most of psychologists, frustration of perception and attention not the disease, but some kind of arrest of development of the child, that is ability to perception and attention simply remains at the level peculiar to children of younger age.Receptions which we fluently concerned, will help the child to concentrate better and more long to keep attention.Alternative ways of communication We considered various components which are necessary for the child for training: he receives information from sense organs, then will organize and comprehends this information by means of perception, attention and intelligence.

And I feel

But me it is bad from thought that I force all the time of parents to quarrel.And I feel especially badly, when I think that all quarrels on which I push them, can serve as the reason for divorce.Stacey, pt, Denvill, New Jersey.I am able to drive the car now, but I did not save enough money to buy own therefore it is compelled to use car of parents.I usually ask permission the father, and he speaks no.Then I ask mother, and she resolves.I feel nasty because it always serves as the reason of large quarrels between them, and recently my father left the house at all.

He explained

The father tried to calm her.When he managed, he took me aside and talked to me.He told that does not want that I did a tattoo, but understands that will not be able to prevent me.The father told that before I make it, I will have to remember that it remains for the rest of life, and from it to me it will only become more difficult.He explained that tattoos give certain signals to strangers; they will start judging me still before I say though the word.It is wrong, but so happens always.

The value

The value of this grant consists that it will allow the teacher to join in system of improving and educational work and to carry out correctional process together with other experts.Effective continuity in work of the speech pathologist and tutor, joint maintaining the accounting of occupations in the individual diary of the child, the qualitative accounting of overall performance all this is aimed at the greatest possible development of children in the conditions of childrens home, on overcoming of some difficulties, characteristic for the closed establishment.

Ask children

Help Children to make the simple installations approving belief in the Founder, belief in the world, belief in a daily bread, belief in healing, belief in good.Ask children to develop the belief, to expect the benefits not from the visible world, but from the world hidden, to look not for consequences, but the reason.Suggest children to discuss some bright examples followed from their everyday life.The offered installation I believe in God and I believe in good.Listen to Spirit Materials On a shoe box, a sheet of paper of the same size, as a box bottom, and also pencils and pieces of chalk for each child.

But business

To one of my friends it was prescribed adderall, and she offered me a tablet that I could concentrate, make better more tasks and receive more energy.Yes, it appeared the rights: the piece was excellent, I made much more work, than ever, and my estimates became even higher.But business reached before that I had to accept more and more a preparation to achieve always such results.I was so strongly excited that could not sleep at night.Then I increased a dose normally to work next day.

It seemed

And though I am the hot supporter of paid services, after all also those who claim are right: if that that is necessary to you free of charge, it is necessary to use it.According to the full program.Day of the sixth: extract!Since morning on Tuesday I was captured by excitement very soon we will go home!The hospital situation already rather bothered.It seemed that дом with assistance of native all my disorders and fears will sink into oblivion.Дом and walls help!

In the market

Trousers and jumpsuits Knitted trousers for boys and girls and sports trousers from cotton jersey on an elastic band are cut out widely and practical.Fine purchase trousers and shorts from cotton serge.In the market of a kidswear one of the best things a jumpsuit, knitted from polyester or cotton material.A simple collar, lack of fasteners, a belt of trousers on an elastic band its advantages.It warm and convenient, and I recommend strongly to carry it to children of any age.


Offer it on a choice no more than two toys and as soon as he chooses one, at once move away the second.Eliminate all distracting moments are there can be an open door of a case with toys, pets in the room, a kolykhaniye of curtains on a wind etc.Eventually he, of course, will learn to notice foreign things, without interrupting studies.Remember that when the child takes a new toy and starts playing with it, it is often necessary to help it to understand as she acts, it is absolutely normal for any child.

I even would

In return, Pasha behaved absolutely incorrectly.I even would tell not as a real man.Instead of indulgently and quite reasonably to write off all hysterics of the wife for pregnancy, to try not to irritate her and not to feed the soil for any silly conjectures, he struck a pose.In a pose of the offended and offended husband at whom direct a slander.Without wishing to sort out the relations, it began to come specially later home.But only aggravated with it a situation.

I simply

But I was afraid of it to disturb.Having slammed the book, Anna Mamedovna at last satisfied my curiosity: pregnancy about weeks and not one, but the whole two embryos!And one of them is twice more than second.Came!To tell that I strongly was surprised, means not to tell anything.I simply lost a speech power.It is so much information at once!Well, what is pregnant, I, let us assume, guessed, but that twins?!And then, what it for the mysterious phrase about one is twice more than another?

In principle, its history

Simply twins Finally I will tell about pregnancy of my colleague Yulya.In principle, its history could get to category of heavy pregnancies if not one interesting circumstance Yulya waited and, as a result, gave rise to TWINS.Agree, twins are born not so often one twins are the share on average of pregnancies, and triplets and at all on therefore this experience deserves special attention.Yulya, unlike many of us, did not begin to postpone the birth of the kid for later and in some months after a wedding suggested the husband to start doing the child.

Behave quietly

If own children do not want to converse with you in an open and frank manner, show the imagination and start arranging cheerful holidays and parties for their friends.Behave quietly and modestly, but with humour.Let you will be estimated by a circle of friends.Through them you learn a lot of things about own children.And there, you look, and your children will learn to look at you other, clearer eyes.Through a circle of friends you and will come nearer from the safe party to own children!

Talk to the psychologist, talk

All this means that you should work with your child, but not to be above him with a ruler.Work with the child, work with school.Talk to the psychologist, talk to teachers.Also do not forget that if the child speaks: I am not pleasant to the teacher, sometimes such really happens.Find out.Reasonable ways it to talk, listen, to try to understand the teenagers problems, to develop with him solutions of problems and to connect them with school.Also there is nothing worse, than to abuse, punish, pay for good progress and to do homework instead of the child.

Its sentence

Then all will name him Ivan tsarevitch.And the one who persistently does not wish to learn laws of interactions between people, will call Ivan the Fool.But, of course, it is not necessary to speak about it to Philip.Its sentence not final and perhaps is subject to the appeal.What to do with children who cannot yet and do not try to analyze the reasons of the acts especially not capable to analyse acts of others, to expect their reactions, except standard, often repeating?

If to draw

If to draw an analogy to a tree, I would tell that the gardener not in forces to correct curvature of a trunk of an adult plant frequent waterings and in the portions of manure.The adult is obliged to act on the thinnest level of consciousness, every day, throwing new ideas, pushing to new opening or, speaking to language of programmers, to make changes to the program which is responsible for information set.Therefore, you should learn to notice the smallest changes in mood and health of the pupil, thus remembering that before you only an intermediate step of development the personality enduring transformation process.

By numerous

On the other hand, hoping only for very small progress, we miss opportunity to develop abilities of the child who is ready to training.By numerous researches it is proved: approximately at a half of children with a cerebral palsy the intelligence is at the average level or exceeds it.A quarter of children with a cerebral palsy lag behind in intellectual development a little and a quarter more lag behind considerably that is their intellectual age less chronological twice.To children of the last group who develop very slowly and, as a rule, suffer from heavy physical and speech violations, the professional help is extremely necessary.

To learn

To induce the child to pronouncing words: The house, give, so, lyalya, a top top.To develop a small motility of hands.The car from a cube and a brick To teach the child to put a cube on the brick lying the wide plane on a table, observing stability of construction.To use car for game.To learn to understand and carry out instructions: Take a brick, a cube; put a cube on a brick make the car, take for a ride in a car a nested doll.To induce the child to say words and onomatopoeias: A cube, give, bib, the car depending on speech opportunities.


It became clear that one of two germs by the sizes corresponds to the term of weeks and, most likely, takes away all juice and nutrients from the second which does not possess necessary dimensions.Options of succession of events two: or the second will survive and will continue to develop, or elder brother under laws of natural selection will force out it finally.I was very sorry at once mladshenky, and I with horror asked: And what will be if it is lost?It appeared, anything special will simply resolve.

So, I emphasize, communication

So, I emphasize, communication is necessary for the child from the earliest age as both communication, and the speech not only play an important role in social development of the baby, but also serve as important means of development and improvement of movements which the child will use later when studies new skills.If the child has a cerebral palsy, it is easy to lose sight of importance of communication and speech development at early age as the impression is sometimes made that the kid does not understand the speech; it develops too slowly, and we become despondent.

Valya years, clever, so far not really

At boys years the evidence of the deformed development are more senior there can be a fear of height, that is conscious attempt to belittle itself.Dialogue at the psychological game.Valya years, clever, so far not really pretty and awfully is not sure of herself, Mischa years, is aggressive, clever, but badly studies, has no friends.I.Valya, whether you feel safe near Mischa?V No, here, at school so far with a halfsmile I am afraid of it.I.

He is angry, and the girl

It accepts shape of the chest baby to which weakness serves as the best protection.And the teacher at this moment speaks with it the language calculated on understanding by adult pupils.He is angry, and the girl is even more deeply dug in in saving misunderstanding and irresponsibility of the infantile period.Perhaps, you noticed how the form or a table with phones change people?What is it?Magic of shape.Official authority is a great force.

All of them

Why suddenly such decision?And resistant, unshakable vertically and all here.Precisely Vika read Serzov or their numerous adherents by the way, my ideological dispute with Serzami still ahead supporters of vertical childbirth.All of them convince pregnant women that the woman in labor lying on a back is an anachronism.The vertical pose is much safer both for mother, and for the child as in this case the nature force of gravitation which pulls the kid down helps the woman to give rise quicker, more effectively and with smaller pain.


Often so it happens: if the newborn has any problems, parents, naturally, worry for him and spend with him much time.To find time and attention to the senior children, to satisfy their needs for games, communication and manifestation of feelings it is necessary to continue, and additional efforts are for this purpose necessary.Children should not feel forgotten and offended.It is possible to attract the senior child to cares of the kid for it it will be useful, and you will be able to pay attention to both children.

The main

This type of therapy allowed it to keep a high selfassessment and optimism in everyday disorders.It helps with many cases.The main thing not to play.I, of course, could turn and into the empty dreamer if God did not award me with strong and purposeful parents who did not believe in anything neither in god, nor in the Communist Party, except honest work and development of reason.Their constant example, their strongwilled pressure learn lessons, do exercises, read books allowed me to taste sweet of the VICTORY over own weakness from time to time.

It, all the same

It does not have enough maternal caress, its relation with the adoptive father Vladislav, rather friendly.But even in these nonideal conditions the thoughtover and consistent educational policy allowed Andrey to find selfconfidence, to take a worthy place in collective, to start developing intellectually.It, all the same did not accept need to observe borders and laws of our society.But this rejection of borders allows it to make nonstandard decisions often.Despite small growth, during a summer roleplaying game it was beaten out in leaders, in practice having learned that such responsibility for others.

It is not my choice, my friends

Time you do not tell me, then I have to be the cause of your quarrels Many teenagers say that consider themselves by the main reason of disagreements of parents.Parents always utter to me that I late come back from a party.It is not my choice, my friends go to walk at this time.Therefore when I come home, parents start shouting at me, then someone from them says to another that so it is impossible to talk to me, and they start shouting at each other.Only it is better for me, they do not shout at me now.

Such wedge

To the child with a heavy form of a cerebral palsy which does not hold the head, and lying on a stomach presses the bent hands to sides, maybe, to lie with a small wedge under a breast more conveniently.Such wedge already of the childs breast, and the kid can lean on hands on elbows on the parties from it fig., and, b.Klien for a breast can put on a wedge of the bigger size see drawings in this chapter.In fig.wedge tadpole Tumble Forms Tadpole Wedge for children with moderate violations of a muscular tone is represented.

I returned

THE RIGHT BEGINNING THE CORRECT END It seems, there are many conversations on Do Not Do It which really never achieved the objectives because parents choose improper time and ways to conduct such conversations.I returned from school and sat down at a dinner.I could not even understand that the father preaches me a sermon on dangers of drugs.I could hardly push a piece to myself in a mouth.Joe, years, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.Such approach at which teenagers have a feeling that their parents suddenly turned into teleevangelists one of the most often arising problems in communication about which I had to hear.

As you know, the teenage

But remember if you notice any separate sign, it still means nothing.Much better the problem of the use of drugs is shown when some signs are noticeable.As you know, the teenage period an activity tornado.Our bodies and minds experience huge and sometimes ridiculous transformations which as a roller coaster, lifts us and throw down, harm to us as the hidden reefs, and cast ashore then under the name adult life.We absolutely reluctantly get out from under a soft blanket of youth and we appear before new to us and the frightening world.

All unresolved

All unresolved problems in the childhood come to a surface again, but now they should be solved consciously and with feeling of a free choice.Well why I almost did not see the teenagers allocated with trust to the world, but not cynical neglect to experience of parents?Where their independence without call, aspiration to become the master of his own live without attempts to solve the problems at the expense of others?The brains for the solution of all set of problems are not enough, and the mentality of teenage crisis does not order to ask for the help.


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