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Valya years, clever, so far not really

Valya years, clever, so far not really At boys years the evidence of the deformed development are more senior there can be a fear of height, that is conscious attempt to belittle itself.

Dialogue at the psychological game.

Valya years, clever, so far not really pretty and awfully is not sure of herself, Mischa years, is aggressive, clever, but badly studies, has no friends.


Valya, whether you feel safe near Mischa?

V No, here, at school so far with a halfsmile I am afraid of it.


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He is angry, and the girl

He is angry, and the girl It accepts shape of the chest baby to which weakness serves as the best protection.

And the teacher at this moment speaks with it the language calculated on understanding by adult pupils.

He is angry, and the girl is even more deeply dug in in saving misunderstanding and irresponsibility of the infantile period.

Perhaps, you noticed how the form or a table with phones change people?

What is it?

Magic of shape.

Official authority is a great force.

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