To learn

To learn To induce the child to pronouncing words: The house, give, so, lyalya, a top top.

To develop a small motility of hands.

The car from a cube and a brick To teach the child to put a cube on the brick lying the wide plane on a table, observing stability of construction.

To use car for game.

To learn to understand and carry out instructions: Take a brick, a cube; put a cube on a brick make the car, take for a ride in a car a nested doll.

To induce the child to say words and onomatopoeias: A cube, give, bib, the car depending on speech opportunities.

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Options It became clear that one of two germs by the sizes corresponds to the term of weeks and, most likely, takes away all juice and nutrients from the second which does not possess necessary dimensions.

Options of succession of events two: or the second will survive and will continue to develop, or elder brother under laws of natural selection will force out it finally.

I was very sorry at once mladshenky, and I with horror asked: And what will be if it is lost?

It appeared, anything special will simply resolve.

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So, I emphasize, communication

So, I emphasize, communication So, I emphasize, communication is necessary for the child from the earliest age as both communication, and the speech not only play an important role in social development of the baby, but also serve as important means of development and improvement of movements which the child will use later when studies new skills.

If the child has a cerebral palsy, it is easy to lose sight of importance of communication and speech development at early age as the impression is sometimes made that the kid does not understand the speech; it develops too slowly, and we become despondent.

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  • But, it is possible
  • It, all the same
  • I returned
  • Show to children
  • But such
  • Anyway, during
  • He is angry, and the girl
  • If to draw
  • I wanted
  • baby