; d On a chair, on a floor, by car You sit on a chair? Tell: On a chair

; d On a chair, on a floor, by car You sit on a chair? Tell: On a chair; d On a chair, on a floor, by car You sit on a chair?

Tell: On a chair Where you sit?

; e Sleep, Katya; sit down, Lyalya; carry, Lyalya Tell Lyale e Katya, sleep; Lyalya, stand; Lyalya, go Tell Katya g Katya sleeps, Lyalya costs, Vova sits Katya sleeps?

What does Katya do, sleeps?

What does Katya do?

h Go, the pussycat the pussycat goes Tell the pussycat Chto the pussycat does?

Chto is done by the pussycat?

i I eat, I play, I sing That you do?

Tell to I sing the doggie sings, I go the doggie goes That you do?

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On it is put. meeting

On it is put. meeting In the evening in a bed: Domb the character of the seen movie bad, Dombi very bad!

Strongly beats itself on feet.

And so within minutes.

Return to the problem, sense of guilt.


Rose well, commented: It because in Moscow I get up at oclock.

During the day equal positive mood.

On it is put.

meeting it is still extremely avaricious on words.

Uncertainty in itself before large audience.

Asked the mentor Egor about a meeting, shared the problems at the Moscow school, listened to recommendations, promised to try to behave differently.

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It is known

It is known Emotions which she, undoubtedly, tested, were not reflected in her face, even when she for the first time in life got to the room filled with toys.

Life taught her to avoid the traps placed by adults, and manifestation of emotions does the person vulnerable.

It is known by any scout.

Adults, apparently, accustomed Anita to it.

Being embodied in an image of mother, Anita bathed a doll in a bathroom, and then specially forgot it in cold water or locked in a toilet of a doll lodge.

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Can will

Can will Masha S.

years, lovely smiling I small, silent, do not touch!

was Nothing.

can will carry by, and will ask somebody else.

Volodya S.

years, having filled with deliberately confident look, a childrens bass Everything is normal even without reflecting that want from it.

Masha P What there were opening, understanding today?

Who made a feat, something understood in himself or world around?

Well, Larisa, you that keep mum?

Larisa K.

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According According to most of psychologists, frustration of perception and attention not the disease, but some kind of arrest of development of the child, that is ability to perception and attention simply remains at the level peculiar to children of younger age.

Receptions which we fluently concerned, will help the child to concentrate better and more long to keep attention.

Alternative ways of communication We considered various components which are necessary for the child for training: he receives information from sense organs, then will organize and comprehends this information by means of perception, attention and intelligence.

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And I feel

And I feel But me it is bad from thought that I force all the time of parents to quarrel.

And I feel especially badly, when I think that all quarrels on which I push them, can serve as the reason for divorce.

Stacey, pt, Denvill, New Jersey.

I am able to drive the car now, but I did not save enough money to buy own therefore it is compelled to use car of parents.

I usually ask permission the father, and he speaks no.

Then I ask mother, and she resolves.

I feel nasty because it always serves as the reason of large quarrels between them, and recently my father left the house at all.

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