But, it is possible

But, it is possible The doctor has less time, and often to it happens very difficult to collect reliable information about motive violations of the child and his opportunities.

In such situation most difficultly it is necessary parents after all recommendations of different experts can disperse considerably, and all of them are obligatory to execution.

But, it is possible to object, similar happens only in the bad rehabilitation centers.

It is possible that only in bad, but after all it is well known that than more simply the system of the help to the person having any problems is organized and the it is less in it than hierarchical structures, the more effectively it works.

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That the chair

That the chair This problem, as well as many others, it is best of all to be engaged from early age because then frustration of a chair will gain constant character.

That the chair was soft, the child should drink much, and depletion of intestines is promoted by the products rich with cellulose.

It is possible to support a chair regularity by means of laxative candles.

One of possible problems which meets at children heavy violations, is that they do not feel desires to depletion of intestines.

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I wanted

I wanted The young personality has to or turn voluntary herself in the robot or conduct continuous internal dispute with the father.

For example: I throw not everything, I gave up tennis because I was pushed violently there.

I wanted to be engaged in karate, and you wrote down me in basketball.

I began to try soft drugs because I was eaten by melancholy and fear after your withdrawal from a family.

To put it briefly, the son much that could answer the father.

But the adult simply will not hear as does not assume that such it is possible.

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Anyway, during

Anyway, during And it is not caused by smoking at all.

For the second time I was accused of a drug taking when one morning I felt unhealthy and tired and decided to buy a ginseng drink small bottle.

Whether it helps?

Or it is one of food additives?

I do not know, but it is not forbidden by the law and is on sale in all shops of healthy food.

Anyway, during the day the label from it came unstuck.

Next day mother rose against me after found a small bottle among my dirty linen.

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It is over, you are capable

It is over, you are capable Whether but much you know families where kept such trust and clarity of the relations?

The lack of time, ordinary cares do not allow adults to penetrate into childrens problems thoroughly.

I with high probability can assume that you, reading these lines, are not able to talk hearttoheart to the child.

It is over, you are capable to formulate teams which to it are offered to be executed.

Some of these teams can be dressed in a form of the best regards or are disguised under requests of the loving parents.

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Creation Providing conditions for accumulation of speech experience by each child.

Creation of conditions for favorable emotional health and development of abilities of children.

Formation of awareness by each child of the identity and necessity.

Implementation of effective continuity in work of the speech pathologist and tutor when carrying out individual work with children.

The following principles are the cornerstone of this work.

Gradual complication of the program content of occupations in each section of the program.

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