The main

The main This type of therapy allowed it to keep a high selfassessment and optimism in everyday disorders.

It helps with many cases.

The main thing not to play.

I, of course, could turn and into the empty dreamer if God did not award me with strong and purposeful parents who did not believe in anything neither in god, nor in the Communist Party, except honest work and development of reason.

Their constant example, their strongwilled pressure learn lessons, do exercises, read books allowed me to taste sweet of the VICTORY over own weakness from time to time.

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It, all the same

It, all the same It does not have enough maternal caress, its relation with the adoptive father Vladislav, rather friendly.

But even in these nonideal conditions the thoughtover and consistent educational policy allowed Andrey to find selfconfidence, to take a worthy place in collective, to start developing intellectually.

It, all the same did not accept need to observe borders and laws of our society.

But this rejection of borders allows it to make nonstandard decisions often.

Despite small growth, during a summer roleplaying game it was beaten out in leaders, in practice having learned that such responsibility for others.

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It is not my choice, my friends

It is not my choice, my friends Time you do not tell me, then I have to be the cause of your quarrels Many teenagers say that consider themselves by the main reason of disagreements of parents.

Parents always utter to me that I late come back from a party.

It is not my choice, my friends go to walk at this time.

Therefore when I come home, parents start shouting at me, then someone from them says to another that so it is impossible to talk to me, and they start shouting at each other.

Only it is better for me, they do not shout at me now.

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Such wedge

Such wedge To the child with a heavy form of a cerebral palsy which does not hold the head, and lying on a stomach presses the bent hands to sides, maybe, to lie with a small wedge under a breast more conveniently.

Such wedge already of the childs breast, and the kid can lean on hands on elbows on the parties from it fig.

, and, b.

Klien for a breast can put on a wedge of the bigger size see drawings in this chapter.

In fig.

wedge tadpole Tumble Forms Tadpole Wedge for children with moderate violations of a muscular tone is represented.

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I returned

I returned THE RIGHT BEGINNING THE CORRECT END It seems, there are many conversations on Do Not Do It which really never achieved the objectives because parents choose improper time and ways to conduct such conversations.

I returned from school and sat down at a dinner.

I could not even understand that the father preaches me a sermon on dangers of drugs.

I could hardly push a piece to myself in a mouth.

Joe, years, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Such approach at which teenagers have a feeling that their parents suddenly turned into teleevangelists one of the most often arising problems in communication about which I had to hear.

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