Its sentence

Its sentence Then all will name him Ivan tsarevitch.

And the one who persistently does not wish to learn laws of interactions between people, will call Ivan the Fool.

But, of course, it is not necessary to speak about it to Philip.

Its sentence not final and perhaps is subject to the appeal.

What to do with children who cannot yet and do not try to analyze the reasons of the acts especially not capable to analyse acts of others, to expect their reactions, except standard, often repeating?

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If to draw

If to draw If to draw an analogy to a tree, I would tell that the gardener not in forces to correct curvature of a trunk of an adult plant frequent waterings and in the portions of manure.

The adult is obliged to act on the thinnest level of consciousness, every day, throwing new ideas, pushing to new opening or, speaking to language of programmers, to make changes to the program which is responsible for information set.

Therefore, you should learn to notice the smallest changes in mood and health of the pupil, thus remembering that before you only an intermediate step of development the personality enduring transformation process.

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By numerous

By numerous On the other hand, hoping only for very small progress, we miss opportunity to develop abilities of the child who is ready to training.

By numerous researches it is proved: approximately at a half of children with a cerebral palsy the intelligence is at the average level or exceeds it.

A quarter of children with a cerebral palsy lag behind in intellectual development a little and a quarter more lag behind considerably that is their intellectual age less chronological twice.

To children of the last group who develop very slowly and, as a rule, suffer from heavy physical and speech violations, the professional help is extremely necessary.

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To learn

To learn To induce the child to pronouncing words: The house, give, so, lyalya, a top top.

To develop a small motility of hands.

The car from a cube and a brick To teach the child to put a cube on the brick lying the wide plane on a table, observing stability of construction.

To use car for game.

To learn to understand and carry out instructions: Take a brick, a cube; put a cube on a brick make the car, take for a ride in a car a nested doll.

To induce the child to say words and onomatopoeias: A cube, give, bib, the car depending on speech opportunities.

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Options It became clear that one of two germs by the sizes corresponds to the term of weeks and, most likely, takes away all juice and nutrients from the second which does not possess necessary dimensions.

Options of succession of events two: or the second will survive and will continue to develop, or elder brother under laws of natural selection will force out it finally.

I was very sorry at once mladshenky, and I with horror asked: And what will be if it is lost?

It appeared, anything special will simply resolve.

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