I even would

I even would In return, Pasha behaved absolutely incorrectly.

I even would tell not as a real man.

Instead of indulgently and quite reasonably to write off all hysterics of the wife for pregnancy, to try not to irritate her and not to feed the soil for any silly conjectures, he struck a pose.

In a pose of the offended and offended husband at whom direct a slander.

Without wishing to sort out the relations, it began to come specially later home.

But only aggravated with it a situation.

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I simply

I simply But I was afraid of it to disturb.

Having slammed the book, Anna Mamedovna at last satisfied my curiosity: pregnancy about weeks and not one, but the whole two embryos!

And one of them is twice more than second.


To tell that I strongly was surprised, means not to tell anything.

I simply lost a speech power.

It is so much information at once!

Well, what is pregnant, I, let us assume, guessed, but that twins?


And then, what it for the mysterious phrase about one is twice more than another?

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In principle, its history

In principle, its history Simply twins Finally I will tell about pregnancy of my colleague Yulya.

In principle, its history could get to category of heavy pregnancies if not one interesting circumstance Yulya waited and, as a result, gave rise to TWINS.

Agree, twins are born not so often one twins are the share on average of pregnancies, and triplets and at all on therefore this experience deserves special attention.

Yulya, unlike many of us, did not begin to postpone the birth of the kid for later and in some months after a wedding suggested the husband to start doing the child.

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Behave quietly

Behave quietly If own children do not want to converse with you in an open and frank manner, show the imagination and start arranging cheerful holidays and parties for their friends.

Behave quietly and modestly, but with humour.

Let you will be estimated by a circle of friends.

Through them you learn a lot of things about own children.

And there, you look, and your children will learn to look at you other, clearer eyes.

Through a circle of friends you and will come nearer from the safe party to own children!

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Talk to the psychologist, talk

Talk to the psychologist, talk All this means that you should work with your child, but not to be above him with a ruler.

Work with the child, work with school.

Talk to the psychologist, talk to teachers.

Also do not forget that if the child speaks: I am not pleasant to the teacher, sometimes such really happens.

Find out.

Reasonable ways it to talk, listen, to try to understand the teenagers problems, to develop with him solutions of problems and to connect them with school.

Also there is nothing worse, than to abuse, punish, pay for good progress and to do homework instead of the child.

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