Can will

Can will Masha S.

years, lovely smiling I small, silent, do not touch!

was Nothing.

can will carry by, and will ask somebody else.

Volodya S.

years, having filled with deliberately confident look, a childrens bass Everything is normal even without reflecting that want from it.

Masha P What there were opening, understanding today?

Who made a feat, something understood in himself or world around?

Well, Larisa, you that keep mum?

Larisa K.

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According According to most of psychologists, frustration of perception and attention not the disease, but some kind of arrest of development of the child, that is ability to perception and attention simply remains at the level peculiar to children of younger age.

Receptions which we fluently concerned, will help the child to concentrate better and more long to keep attention.

Alternative ways of communication We considered various components which are necessary for the child for training: he receives information from sense organs, then will organize and comprehends this information by means of perception, attention and intelligence.

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And I feel

And I feel But me it is bad from thought that I force all the time of parents to quarrel.

And I feel especially badly, when I think that all quarrels on which I push them, can serve as the reason for divorce.

Stacey, pt, Denvill, New Jersey.

I am able to drive the car now, but I did not save enough money to buy own therefore it is compelled to use car of parents.

I usually ask permission the father, and he speaks no.

Then I ask mother, and she resolves.

I feel nasty because it always serves as the reason of large quarrels between them, and recently my father left the house at all.

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He explained

He explained The father tried to calm her.

When he managed, he took me aside and talked to me.

He told that does not want that I did a tattoo, but understands that will not be able to prevent me.

The father told that before I make it, I will have to remember that it remains for the rest of life, and from it to me it will only become more difficult.

He explained that tattoos give certain signals to strangers; they will start judging me still before I say though the word.

It is wrong, but so happens always.

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The value

The value The value of this grant consists that it will allow the teacher to join in system of improving and educational work and to carry out correctional process together with other experts.

Effective continuity in work of the speech pathologist and tutor, joint maintaining the accounting of occupations in the individual diary of the child, the qualitative accounting of overall performance all this is aimed at the greatest possible development of children in the conditions of childrens home, on overcoming of some difficulties, characteristic for the closed establishment.

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